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Free yourself to the African rhythm and dance your heart out. The local Chagga community is rich in cultural music. Easy to dance routines in a relaxed traditional atmosphere.


After a successful climb on Mount Kilimanjaro or a safari, relax and enjoy the exotic country gardens. You can also drop in at the "Williams" Pavillion bar, stocked with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including the traditional "Mbege", a local Chagga brew made from milled and banana wine.


Ideal for retreats, featuring conference facilities, a business centre with all the modern communication facilities. You can always wind down by taking a dip into the swimming pool.


Located at Marangu or "Morang'u" (which stand for "Land of Water" in Chagga dialect), Kilimanjaro Mountain Resort is ideal for Waterfall explorations, mountain climbing or general safari. We avail travel facilities on demand.


Delicately prepared cuisine to delight your test buds will also be the opportunity to sample delicious local Tanzania dishes especially those from the Chagga tribe.


It is exclusive luxury, on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. The ambient sounds and colors of nature are quite soothing. It makes perfect relaxation, situated 1400 metres above sea level. Equiped with modern conveniences like; Ensuite Bathroom and Minibar, Health centre with Exercise Gym, Sauna, Spar and Massage Parlor. Satelite Tv, Internet and a Swimming pool.

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A first class tourist destination, tucked deep in the lush green banana and coffee plantations of Kyalla Village in Marangu West on the slopes of the Kilimanjaro mountain.

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